Agave Nectar


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Organic Agave Nectar

Harvested from wild agave plants in Mexico for centuries, agave syrup is a natural alternative to refined sugar. Agave is a great substitute for artificial sweeteners. Sustainably produced from organic Blue agave plants, this pure agave syrup is 1.5 times as sweet as sugar, so a little goes a long way. Use it to enhance everything from lemonade, cocktails and smoothies to baked goods, marinades and sauces. Enjoy!

Note: Our Agave Nectar is pure, raw, and unadulterated, and may crystalize as a result. This is to be expected of natural agave and does not impact the usability of the product.

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12 oz. Bear, 1 Pound Jar, 2 Pound Jar, 3 Pound Jug, 6 Pound Jug, 23 lbs. Bucket


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