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Canola Honey


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Oregon Canola Honey

Canola Honey is light in color, has a mild buttery taste and is savory. Because it is a light honey with a mild flavor, canola can be used to sweeten up anything from teas to baked goods. Enhance your breakfast with Canola Honey by adding it to your oatmeal, on waffles, or in a protein shake. We enjoy Canola Honey on warm dinner rolls or biscuits, or drizzled over corn bread muffins. Chefs around the world use Canola Honey to compliment recipes that call for butter. Alternatively, you can also use Canola Honey in receipts that call for Canola oil.

Note: Our Canola Honey is pure, raw, and unadulterated, and may crystalize as a result. This is to be expected of natural honey and does not impact the usability of the product.

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