Pro DFM Microbial Supplement for Bees



Pro DFM Microbial Supplement for Bees

Bees’ immune system deteriorate due to constant exposure to pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and antibiotics. ProDFM restores healthy bacteria, revitalizing their immunity.

Backed by Science

Studies show that bees containing healthy gut microbiomes with Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) have consistently shown to have reduced spore loads against disease causing pathogens. 

Application Rate: 1 Tbsp/ 10g per hive, sprinkle over the top bars of the brood chamber.

Alternative Feeding: Mix 1 Tbsp/ 10g with 3 Tbsp/ 30g of powdered sugar, sprinkle over the top bars of the brood chamber.

Do not feed within 2 weeks of applying any treatments for foulbrood, varroa or nosema.

Store in a cold dry place.

  • Increased detoxification of pollutants and harmful chemicals
  • Revitalizes gut after times of stress such as transport and commute out of winter weather
  • Promotes digestion to better handle pollen dearth
  • Creates stronger more robust colonies going into winter
  • Helps improve bee colony health
  • All natural formula with 10 probiotics that reduces infection rates and critical colony diseases
  • Restores bees’ healthy bacteria, revitalizing their immunity
  • Safe for bees with no harmful bacteria
  • Microflora positively affects nurse bees vitellogenin reserves. Vitellogenin is a precursor of egg yolk that transports protein and some lipid through the blood to the growing oocytes where it becomes part of the yolk. The health of honey bee colony is dependent upon vitellogenin reserves of the nurse bees.
  • Aids in fermentation and digestion of beebread
  • Yeasts help synthesize B-vitamins needed for bee health.
  • Quick and easy to use

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3.5 oz. (100g) – 10 Treatments


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