9 Frame HiveIQ Kit


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9-Frame HiveIQ Kit

Thermally superior by design EPS beehives help you keep more productive bees. With more than six times the insulation value of a standard wooden beehive, the HiveIQ beehive provides an environment more akin to living in a large hollow tree with a large thermal protective mass.

The excellent thermal performance of the HiveIQ EPS beehive provides a healthy environment for honeybees all year round. It keeps the colony dry and warm throughout winter and cool, productive and healthy throughout summer.

1.6 inch thick solid EPS hive top and walls prevents heat loss and heat radiating into the hive during hot weather.

Recessed queen excluder enables a perfect seal between the brood box and second box.

The ventilated floor allows the colony to manage airflow, humidity in the hive.

The interlocking design includes the queen excluder to ensure a perfect seal between hive bodies and frames eliminating hot or cold drafts and prevents water entering the hive

The interlocking design between hives ensures a perfect seal between hive bodies, frames eliminating hot or cold drafts and prevents water entering the hive.

The 9-Frame Hive IQ Kit includes all of the components required to create a three-story beehive excluding frames and foundation. You do have the option to choose the kit that includes frames and foundation. This kit is supplied flat packed (unassembled) and includes:

2 x 9 Frame Full Depth Beehive Body
1 x 9 Frame Medium Beehive Body

1 x 9 Frame Beehive Bottom  
– 2 x NFC Tags
– 1 x Stamped Floor Vent
– 1 x Hive Entrance
– 1 x Blanking Plate
1 x 9 Frame Beehive Top w/ Yellow Metal Top Cover
1 x 9 Frame Metal Queen Excluder
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Varroa Board


18 x Deep Frames w/Foundation

9 x Medium Frames w/Foundation



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