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2024 Nucleus Hives (Sold out for 2024 season)

Nucleus hives, or Nucs for short, are perfect for beginning beekeepers and for replacing winter losses. Nucs are small colonies of bees that have already established frames with beeswax and contain a laying queen. Inside the Nuc are 5 frames of honey comb with brood, pollen, honey, and bees! NUCs are designed to be taken home on your scheduled pickup day, transferred into your hive at home, and to rapidly increase in colony size in the spring making them the ideal choice for new and expanding beekeepers. In addition to our own Nucs, Flying Bee Ranch offers Nucs from both Foothills Honey Company (Molalla, Oregon) and Sowers Apiaries (Canby, Oregon). Both apiaries are long standing pillars in the Oregon beekeeping community and specialize in high quality five-frame Nucs.

Queen source:  We use Kona Queens in Hawaii and local breeders in both Oregon and northern California. In all cases, the queens will be either hybrid Italian or hybrid Carniolan. Both Italian and Carniolan queens are known for being reliable honey producers, quick to build up brood nests in the spring, and have docile manners. Queens are selected by performance traits such as mite resistance and brood laying performance rather than race. Therefore we are unable to guarantee the race of each queen.

Nuc Box:  Each NUC includes 1 transport box with 5 frames filled with honey, pollen, brood, and bees inside. We also include (1) high-protein patty to feed your bees with. Feeding your NUCs is one of the best techniques to rearing a successful colony and jump starting spring build up. We recommend purchasing a feeder for your hive to feed your bees sugar water. We have several different feeder options available to choose from. There is no deposit required for the boxes and they do not have to be returned. How to Install your Nuc: NUCs should be transferred into their new hives within 24 hours of your pickup date. It is important to look for your queen and/or identify the eggs inside the frames to ensure your Nucs is queen-right. For new beekeepers, watch our How To Install a Nuc instructional video.

How much do NUCs cost?

  • NUCs are $210.00 – $220.00
  • A CASH DISCOUNT of $10.00 is available by paying in cash!
    • To receive the cash discount you must either 1) Pay by cash or check in full, in advance, in our Store, or 2) Reserve your Nuc online by paying a $40.00 non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance of $170.00 – $180.00 is due in cash when you arrive to pick up your Nuc.

Where & When Can I Pick Up My NUC?

  • You can pick up your bees at our farm located at: 5180 Lardon Road NE, Salem, Oregon 97305.
  • You can pick up bees on your scheduled pickup date from 7:00am – 9:00am. We will send an email confirmation prior to your pickup day as a reminder.
  • NO SHIPPING is available for NUCs.
  • Please be prepared to interact in the “bee yard.” You are responsible for your own safety. When traveling with bees in your vehicle, please always plan to have your bee suit, gloves, and a way to secure your NUC box so they don’t tip over. We recommend purchasing one of our NUC Mesh Bags if you plan to transport your bees inside your vehicle.

We plan to continue drive-thru style NUC pick ups. When you arrive to pickup your Nucs a Flying Bee Ranch staff member will check you in and direct you where you can have your bees loaded. Our beekeepers will load the bees for you; in most cases you don’t even need to get out of your vehicle! If needed, you may pull aside to secure your bees once they have been loaded. For any special accommodations, please contact us in advance by emailing info@flyingbeeranch.net

Cancellation Policy

Please call to request a refund. Cancelled orders are subject to a $40.00 cancellation fee. There are NO refunds on NUC orders after February 23, 2024. All pre-ordered NUCs must be picked up by 9:00am on your scheduled pickup date or they will be considered abandoned. Abandoned NUCs may be sold and no refunds given.


Our goal is to make sure you have a positive and successful experience with your new bees! With that said, there are some situations and conditions outside of our control. Flying Bee Ranch does not guarantee the successful establishment of a colony or winter survivability, nor does Flying Bee Ranch assume any responsibility for your bees once the bees leave our farm. Please note that Nuc pickup days are subject to change. We will contact you in advance should there be a need to change the pick up date for any reason. During the transfer of frames into your hive, please verify that you have a queen. If your colony is queenless or there is anything unsatisfactory to you, we want to know right away. We guarantee that all of our Nucs are queen right at the time of pickup.

Additional information

Pickup Date

Sunday, April 28, 2024 7:00am-9:00am (SOLD OUT), Sunday, May 12, 2024 7:00am-9:00am (SOLD OUT), Nuc Waitlist (Sign Up)

Include Mesh Transport Bag

Yes ($6.95), No

Payment Method

Pay in Full (Card), Cash Discount (Save $10!)

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    Really good place to buy Bees

  2. Aristotel Condrea

    The best in the Northwest. Made me fall in love with the bees.

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