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2022 Nuc Orders *****(Available Jan 1, 2022)*****

About NUC Boxes

Nucleus hives (NUCs) are perfect for beginning beekeepers, and for replacing winter losses. If you are looking for a hive that is already semi-established with a laying queen and brood already being raised, then one of our established NUCs with bees might be right for you. NUCs are more ethically raised than “packages” of bees, and have a better chance of success. Think of NUCs as mini-hives ready to be transplanted into your hive at home.

Our NUCs include an introduced Italian queen, known for their great honey production, quick spring build up, and docile manners. However, the queens in these nucleus colonies are selected by performance traits such as mite resistance, not race. Therefore we are unable to guarantee the race of each queen. NUCs include honey, pollen, brood, and bees on 5 frames.

Each NUC includes (1) high-protein patty to feed your bees with. Feeding your NUCs is one of the best techniques to rearing a successful colony and jump starting spring build up. The NUCs will be in a wax-coated cardboard box for transport.

COVID-19 UPDATE (updated 05/11/21)

We are committed to ensuring our Nuc pick up dates are safe and in compliance with ODA mandates. To minimize risk to everyone and streamline the Nuc pickup process we are encouraging payment in advance. When you arrive on your scheduled Nuc Pickup Date, we ask that you to remain in your car unless you are paying for your Nuc or picking up beekeeping supplies. A Flying Bee Ranch staff member will check you in when you arrive and load your bees for you. We will maintain at least six-feet of social distancing at all times. You may pull aside to secure your bees once they have been loaded, etc. For any accommodations, please contact us in advance by emailing info@flyingbeeranch.net

Where & When Can I Pick Up My Nuc Box?

  • You can pick up your bees at 5180 Lardon Road NE, Salem, Oregon 97305.
  • You can pick up bees on your scheduled pickup date from 7:00am – 8:30am.
  • NO SHIPPING is available for NUCs. They must be picked up.
  • Please be prepared to interact in the “bee yard.” You are responsible for your own safety. Please be prepared to bring your bee suit, gloves, duct tape, and a way to secure your NUC box in your vehicle so they don’t tip over.

How much do NUCs cost?

  • NUCs are $185.00
  • A CASH DISCOUNT of $10.00 is available by paying in cash!
    • To receive the cash discount you can either 1) pay cash in full, in advance, in our Store, or 2) pay the $30.00 non-refundable deposit online. The remaining balance of $145.00 cash is due on or before your Nuc pickup day.


Flying Bee Ranch does not guarantee the successful establishment of a colony. There are many variables that influence the success of a colony. We do our best to provide all customers with thriving, healthy bees but we do not assume responsibility once the bees leave our farm. Flying Bee Ranch is not responsible for the survival or productivity of the hive and therefore, does not offer refunds or replacements. If you would like to inspect your NUC on your pickup day, please let us know in advance so we may accommodate your request.

Cancellation Policy

Customers need to call to request a refund. There are NO refunds on NUC orders after February 26, 2021. Cancelled orders are subject to a $30.00 cancellation fee. All pre-ordered Nucs must be picked up by 9:00am on your scheduled pickup date or they will be considered abandoned. Abandoned NUCs will be sold and no refunds given.

Final Thoughts

We’re here to help! We want you to be successful in your beekeeping adventure and will try to make any necessary accommodations. If you have questions about NUCs, beekeeping in general, or just not sure where to start please let us know. You can email, call, or stop by our farm for more information. Happy Beekeeping!

-Flying Bee Ranch


Additional information

Pickup Date

April 18, 2021, May 2, 2021, May 16, 2021

Payment Method

Pay in Full (Card), Cash Discount – Deposit only (Card)

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    Really good place to buy Bees

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    The best in the Northwest. Made me fall in love with the bees.

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