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Oregon Meadowfoam Honey

Meadowfoam is a small plant with white flowers that have yellow centers. Meadowfoam is grown primarily for seed production which is harvested to produce a vegetable oil highly sought after by the cosmetic industry. The vibrant white blossoms are stunning and catch your eye from miles away. As stunning as the blossoms are, what is inside them is even more amazing. Meadowfoam blossoms produce nectar that bees find irresistible. The resulting honey the bees make from this uniquely Oregon crop is hard to keep in stock, so be sure to get it while you can!

A deep aroma of vanilla and the novel taste of toasted marshmallows is what you can expect with your first taste of Meadowfoam Honey. The flavors just melts in your mouth. A written description simply does not do it justice. The vanilla and marshmallow flavor is strong in meadowfoam honey. Some years the bees also collect wild blackberry nectar giving this honey a distinct berry finish to the flavor. When the bees mix in blackberry nectar, we also offer Meadowfoam/Blackberry Honey! In either case, we’re confident you won’t find another honey quite like meadowfoam!

Note: Our Meadowfoam Honey is pure, raw, and unadulterated, and may crystalize as a result. This is to be expected of natural honey and does not impact the usability of the product.

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6 reviews for Meadowfoam Honey

  1. leeannetimmerman (verified owner)

    Shipped fast, well packed. If you love caramel, try this honey. There’s nothing else like it. It really helps with my spring allergies, too.

  2. Kristoffer Johnson

    Meadowfoam honey is Super Sweet Honey dark texture and noticeable hints of blonde foam with flavors of toasted Marshmallows and hints of Vanilla. This is some of the Best Oregon honey and really give you a feeling of the Ocean foam name of this silky flower for an Amazing two gallon price!!

  3. Jeremiah Tyson (verified owner)

    Best tasting honey EVER! I purchased 12 lbs for mead making, but pulled off 1 lb just for me. After tasting the honey, I went back and purchased another 6 lbs! Notes include string vanilla with hints of cotton candy/marshmallow in the best way possible. Highly recommend it! Thank you for these honey varietals!

  4. Carrol Hoover (verified owner)

    This has to be my absolute favorite so far….LOL. The Meadowfoam Honey tastes like a jar of marshmallow fluff and a bottle of pure vanilla hit head on and this honey was the end result. I have turned several of my friends into honey lovers , and they stop by to do a honey shot almost everyday.

  5. Michael English (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING! I don’t get why this place isn’t famous yet. Their prices are amazing and quality is TOP NOTCH.

    This meadow foam honey is amazing, I can’t wait to try more and more!

    Love you flying bee ranch ❤️

  6. James Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve been a fan of Meadowfoam honey for years after discovering it from a vendor that occasionally include some in their selection in the Ferry Market in San Francisco. So I was delighted to find that it’s available regularly from Flying Bee Ranch. And their version is just fantastic. The vanilla/marshmallow description listed here is spot on, but it’s even better than that. It’s as if marshmallow was a natural flavor and someone same up with the candy version to try and capture it.

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