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Coriander Honey


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Oregon Coriander Honey

If you’re looking for a unique taste of Oregon, look no further than our Coriander Honey! Coriander is also known as Cilantro, the popular compliment to many Asia, European, and Mexican food dishes. Grown for its leaves and seeds, it is a bit of secret that it also produces a tasty nectar. The bees cannot resist it! Once made into honey, the taste of coriander nectar differs from that of the leaves and fruits.

Oregon Coriander Honey is amber in color and among the most complex honey flavors. The honey has an herbal taste with cardamom and ginger, also with a hint of lemon and black licorice. Pair Coriander Honey with desserts for added flavor. Then add to your berry, citrus, or fruity teas. Coriander Honey is also popular among mead makers, and would be excellent to back sweeten wheat, or sour beers.

Note: Our Coriander Honey is pure, raw, and unadulterated, and may crystalize as a result. This is to be expected of natural honey and does not impact the usability of the product.

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