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Natural Beeswax


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Our YELLOW BEESWAX, or “cappings wax” is the real thing. Cappings wax is the beeswax that covers the honeycomb cells that house honey. It has a lovely honey fragrance and is the purest of all the beeswax. Real BEESWAX has 1001 uses. It works up nicely for making candles, is used in cosmetics, salves and lotions, and soap. In the wood shop you can use BEESWAX for protecting wooden tools or to lubricate cutting blades. Hunters and hikers can use it to water proof their leather boots. BEESWAX is great for decorating, use in art and craft projects, is food safe, and ready to use when you get it. Our BEESWAX is pure and natural, and with NO additives of any kind.

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