5 5/8″ Waxed Rite-Cell Foundation



5 5/8″ Waxed Rite-Cell Foundation

Easy to put into your frames Rite-Cell is a bees favorite foundation! The durability of Rite-Cell will hold up to years of extracting. Sharper cell edges make it easy for bees to accept it quickly.

  • Requires no reinforcement
  • Slips easily into a groove top frame
  • Sharper cell edges for quick acceptance
  • Wax moths cannot damage
  • Available with or without 100% beeswax coating
  • Deeper cell depth with highest definition
  • Textured cell interior
  • Heavy weight plastic holds up to extracting

Use with 6⅝” (24.45 cm) Medium/Western Honey Supers and 6¼” (23.18 cm) Frames.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs



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