Meadowfoam Honey (Available, Fall 2019)

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Oregon Meadowfoam Honey

The deep aroma of vanilla, the novel taste of toasted marshmallows, that is the experience of Meadowfoam Honey. It melts in your mouth. A written description simply doesn’t do it justice. We recommend meadowfoam honey for just about everything, especially mead making. We promise you won’t find another honey quite like meadowfoam.

Meadowfoam is a small plant with a white flower. Meadowfoam is grown primarily for oil production used by the cosmetic industry. The vibrant white blossoms are stunning and can catch your eye from miles away. When in bloom the fields look like someone has rolled out a giant white carpet, as if there were a few feet of clouds lying on the ground you could walk out on. As stunning as the blossoms are, what is inside them is even more amazing. Meadowfoam blossoms hold inside a highly sought after nectar that the bees find irresistible. This honey is hard to keep in stock, so be sure to get it while you can! All of our honeys are raw, natural, and pure, but this one is just something special.

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12 oz. Bear, 1 Pound Jar, 2 Pound Jars, 3 Pound Jugs, 6 Pound Jugs, 24 lbs bucket

1 review for Meadowfoam Honey (Available, Fall 2019)

  1. leeannetimmerman (verified owner)

    Shipped fast, well packed. If you love caramel, try this honey. There’s nothing else like it. It really helps with my spring allergies, too.

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