Caramelized Scotch Broom Honey


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Caramelized Scotch Broom Honey

Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) is one of Oregon’s many invasive plant species. Like many invasive flowers, honey bees have to work harder to collect nectar and pollen from them. Scotch broom honey honey has a unique method for releasing its pollen; honeybees have to “trigger” the flower to release pollen. Honeybees push against the petals stimulating the plant’s stamen to rise. Then, an explosive pollen release follows covering the bee in what looks like Cheeto-dust as they fly away!

Although Cheeto-flavored honey sounds interesting, the actual flavor of this unique varietal is quite different. Scotch Broom honey has a tangy, apricot flavor. It also tastes like what lily flowers smell like. Now, if that isn’t a good combination, we don’t know what is! In this case, we have only lightly caramelized the scotch broom which amplifies the flavors and aroma adding just a hint of caramel flavor to the honey. This caramelized honey is made available specially for mead makers interested in making a bochet mead. You may find that the honey will need additional caramelizing to taste.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity for a caramelized scotch broom honey; we never know if or when it will be available again!

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