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Oregon Blueberry Honey

The Oregon Willamette Valley is one of the Blueberry capitals of the world. You can drive along our back country roads and see row after row, field after field, of the shinny foliage and drooping white blossoms. There are dozens and dozens of varieties, with names like: Lowbush, Highbush, Brigatta, Chandler, Chippewa, Northsky, Top-Hat, Darrow, Duke, Liberty, Rubel, Spartian, Toro, Emarald, Legacy, Misty, Star, and Sunshine Blue, just to name a few. Some the size of a small pea, packed full of sweet flavor, others big enough to hide a quarter underneath that are juicy but mild in flavor. In spite of this cornucopia, the blossom is all our bees care about. They just want to take the pollen and nectar back to the hives and make honey!

We believe our bees make the greatest Oregon Blueberry Honey you’ll ever try! The dark amber honey carries a bold sweet flavor that resembles a mid July berry at the peak of its ripeness. Not too sweet, but just right. It is another excellent honey for cooking, baking and canning and just eating by the spoonful. Jeremy, your beekeeper prefers blueberry honey is at breakfast time. “Although I like all the honeys all the time, blueberry is best in the morning I think. Drizzled over blueberry muffins, pancakes, or in oatmeal is the best. Sometimes I use it in a breakfast smoothie too.”

Lastly, we don’t enter blueberry honey every year, but proud to say that our blueberry honey was awarded a blue ribbon (1st Place) at the 2017 Oregon State Fair!

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