Blackberry Honey


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WILD BLACKBERRY thorns are no deterrent for bees, and our “little darlings” are not afraid of them. They will eagerly brave them buzzing right in darting from blossom to blossom to get to the luscious BLACKBERRY nectar. They will visit 2 million blossoms to make a pound of HONEY. Once they have pollinated the BLACKBERRY blossoms, each blossom will produce a delicious BLACKBERRY. The rain laden Pacific Northwest provides the bulk of the country’s BLACKBERRY production, the cultivated crop is valued at over $25 million a year, with most of the production going towards preserves, jams, and jellies.

The WILD BLACKBERRY produces a smaller fruit, but it has so much more flavor than its larger cultivated counterpart. At varying elevations, the WILD BLACKBERRY canes will fruit from late spring to mid fall. Motorist and hikers will often be found along roadsides and hiking trails, stopping to collect the treasured fruit, eating it raw or carrying it away home for cobblers, pies, and crisps. The WILD BLACKBERRY canes grow vigorously, over 20 feet tall, and will cascade down over trees reclaiming the forests completely hiding planes, abandoned houses, and cars. Throughout the year the bountiful blossoms provide a continual source of nectar and fruit for anything that can reach it, and our bees are champions at it. They are also champions at making WILD BLACKBERRY HONEY.

Our WILD BLACKBERRY HONEY is one of the most versatile HONEYS because it has more delicious taste than Clover Honey. making it excellent to add to your cooking and baking. Harvested in early summer, WILD BLACKBERRY HONEY is one of the most popular for HONEY lovers. It has a light amber color, and a unique taste with a lot of sweetness and a light hint of berry flavor. Its gourmet taste wonderfully compliments coffee, tea, and anything you’re willing to put on the breakfast table!


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