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Wildflower Bee Pollen

Bee pollen can be taken by itself or with many other food combinations. Mix pollen with raw honey, yogurt, blended in a smoothie, baked in cookies and breads, or any other way you choose. If you are severely allergic to pollens, bee stings, or are unsure of your allergies, contact your physician for their opinion before consuming bee pollen.

Adults – Start with a teaspoon in the morning (preferably with breakfast) followed by some water, juice, or milk. Increase your intake every day by a few grains until reaching 2 teaspoons per day. Adults may consume up to 1 tablespoon daily.

Children – Beginning at 1 years of age, start from 1 pollen grain, increasing by 2-3 grains every few days until reaching 1 teaspoon per day. Children may consume up to 1 teaspoon daily.

Pets – Some pets may consume bee pollen. Contact your veterinarian before giving bee pollen to pets.

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