Alfalfa Honey


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Oregon Alfalfa Honey

Alfalfa Honey has a mild floral aroma and a fine delicate flavor. As you might expect, alfalfa honey has a light grassy, but pleasant flavor. You might even catch a subtle vanilla flavor, but not as strong as in meaodowfoam honey. If you find other honeys overly sweet, then you’ll appreciate this light amber elixir. Chefs love it for baking as its flavor is subtle and not over powering. It is a preferred choice for combining with other ingredients or enjoying straight from the jar. If you have a favorite tea, granola, or any flavored treat that you want to gently complement with sweetness, this is the honey for you.

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2 oz. Bear, 12 oz. Bear, 1 Pound Jar, 2 Pound Jars, 3 Pound Jugs, 6 Pound Jugs, 24 lbs bucket


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