Alfalfa Honey


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Oregon Alfalfa Honey

ALFALFA HONEY has a mild floral aroma and a fine delicate flavor. If you find other honeys overly sweet, then you’ll appreciate this light amber elixir. Chefs love it for baking as its flavor is subtle and not over powering. If you have a favorite tea, or granola, or any flavored treat that you want to gently complement with sweetness, this is the honey for you.

The bloom’s complicated anatomy has many layers and a structure called a “keel”. As the bee pollinates the bloom from the front, the keel springs forward and bops the bee on the head. As it turns out, bees don’t like to be bopped on the head. The older bees will develop a trick: they will take the blossom’s nectar from the side rather than the front; unfortunately, avoiding contact with the blossom’s pollen. Only the young bees (and those, shall we say, who don’t learn so quickly) take the blossom’s nectar from the front, and by doing so, gather the blossom’s pollen.

So the next time you want a more delicate sweetener for your tea, try ALFALFA HONEY, and drink a toast to the younger and simpler bees.

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