Agave Nectar


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Agave Nectar

In Mexico and Central America, grows a monster of a plant known as the Blue AGAVE. It is a succulent, like a cactus or yucca plant. If you can imagine an Aloe Vera plant weighing hundreds of pounds and as tall as a person, then you have an idea of what this AGAVE plant is like. Agave is an ancient plant known for its food value. Until recently, it has probably been best known as the plant from which tequila is distilled. Today it is well known by the health conscious as a sweetener for foods.

We understand that there are a few people who don’t like the taste of honey (It’s really hard for us to imagine, but we hear it’s true). Agave nectar is an excellent substitute for honey. It makes a wonderful sweetener for many purposes especially as a replacement for sugar in cooking. In spite of its mild flavor, less agave is needed to replace sugar in recipes (about 2/3 agave by volume when substituting for sugar). Try it in coffee and tea! We hope you enjoy it!

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