10 Frame (9 5/8″) Hive Kit (unpainted)


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10 Frame Hive Kit (unpainted)

Whether you’re catching a swarm or installing one of our pre ordered 5-frame Nucs, our 10 Frame Hive Kit is perfect for getting an new colony started. Once your bees draw out most of the foundation, you can add a second deep hive body. Make lifting deep boxes easy with our unique wooden handles. Our deep boxes include 1″x2″ wooden handles for and easy and sturdy grip when lifting. Don’t forget a feeder – check the ‘related products’ section below to shop feeders!

  • 1   9⅝” (24.45 cm) Assembled 10 Frame Hive Body
  • 10   9⅛” (23.18 cm) Assembled Frames w/ Waxed Rite-Cell® Foundation
  • 1   Assembled Telescoping Cover w/Inner Cover
  • 1   Assembled Bottom Board w/Reducer
  • Not painted

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Weight 3 lbs

10 Frame


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