Our Story

More about Flying Bee Ranch:

Flying Bee Ranch has been a family owned and operated business since 1999. Starting with just a few beehives, Flying Bee Ranch quickly grew to a medium-sized pollination company, managing over 500 colonies of bees. We are proud to be producing some of Oregon’s finest raw honeys thanks to the hard work of its founders, Wayne and Kathy Porter. In 2016, Flying Bee Ranch suffered a major loss with Wayne’s passing.  In an effort to keep Flying Bee Ranch going strong, The Porter’s great nephew Jeremy Mitchell was recruited to the business. Like his Great Uncle, Jeremy too has a unique passion for beekeeping. It was a natural fit for Jeremy to take over operations at Flying Bee Ranch.

Jeremy Mitchell, Beekeeper

Meet your beekeeper – In 2012 Jeremy graduated from Oregon State University (OSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Resource Management and a Minor in Natural Resources. He spent the next summer working for the US Forest Service before spending the winter backpacking in Europe. Jeremy loves to travel and most recently spent a month touring rural Japan and learning different beekeeping practices. For as long as he can remember, Jeremy has been fascinated and curious about colonizing insects. His love and curiosity of nature led him to honeybees. In the Spring of 2013, Jeremy enrolled in the Master Beekeeper Program at OSU where he learned basic beekeeping techniques and the art of catching bee swarms. Part way through the program Jeremy purchased his first 2 beehives from a farmer in Amity, Oregon. By the late summer Jeremy had captured 8 honeybee swarms bringing the apiary count to 10 beehives.

In 2014 Jeremy launched a startup called Beeline Honey. With a focus on producing neighborhood, artisan honeys, Beeline Honey quickly grew to more than just a hobby business. By the summer of 2015 Jeremy was looking after more than 50 colonies and producing several different honey varieties. That same summer Jeremy began working with his Great Uncle at Flying Bee Ranch where he began tending to nearly 500 colonies.

Kathy, Delsey, and Jeremy sampling honey in the new Honey Tasting Room

2017 – We’re still a family farm working hard everyday to bring you the best raw honey in Oregon. Jeremy can be found out back with the bees, delivering honey, or working in the Honey House at the farm. When time allows he likes greeting customers in our new Honey Tasting Room. But Jeremy’s not the only one running the farm. Family is what makes Flying Bee Ranch such a special place. You can always find a family member around the farm. Jeremy’s partner Delsey greets guests in the Honey Tasting Room, helps bottle honey, and makes sure we’re ready for the farmers’ market season. See our booth at the Salem Saturday Market April – October. Jeremy’s grandfather Ray can often be found building bee boxes, gifts sets, and catching bee swarms! And Jeremy’s parents, Brian and Lynne are always around for special events and helping as needed around the farm.

Flying Bee Ranch honeybees pollinating mustard, 2017

2020 – In the spring of 2020, the Flying Bee Ranch Co-op was formed featuring more than a dozen partnering local beekeepers in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. This unique partnership allows us to feature other local honeys that have been given the Flying Bee Ranch stamp of approval. We inspect each apiary and extracting facility, and monitor for best beekeeping practices. Our honeys are traceable from hive to jar and never treated, blended, or ultra-filtered.  Flying Bee Ranch is committed to sustainable beekeeping practices and ensuring our fellow beekeepers are too. Oregon is home to so many unique varietal honeys and we’re excited to be able to share them with you!

Today – Our Honey Tasting Room is open year-round Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm. It is perfect for the family, group of friends, and anyone looking to try more than a dozen local honey varieties. At Flying Bee Ranch, we offer more than just raw honey, we also produce other products from the hive including bee pollen, propolis, and honey comb. Visit us for more than just a honey sample. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the day. We love to get to know our customers and we love to talk bees!