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Delicious Wildflower Honey

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Haven't you always wondered what goes into WILDFLOWER HONEY? The Willamette Valley has a truly vast variety of natural flora which we try to support, all of which may go into this HONEY at different times of the year, making this a rich amber colored and dynamic tasty treat.

Stonecrop and Daisies and Rose Cheaker-mallow,
Currants and Columbines or even plain Yarrow.

With Gingers and Onions that grow in the wild,
This HONEY tastes bold, it's not quite so mild.

Your patronage to this HONEY will be very loyal,
Due to Bleeding Heart blossoms and Slender Cinquefoil.

Narrowleaf Mule's Ear and Red Columbine,

Yellow Eyed Grasses and Red Monkey Flowers,
Antioxidants provide strong healing powers.

Goat's-Beard and Milkweed and wild Meadowrue,
Vitamins and nutrients, they're in there too.

These bees work very hard, you really should see'um,
As they make WILDFLOWER HONEY, from fragile Trillium.

Is that taste Leopard or wild Tiger Lily?
The bees add that in there just to be silly.

There oughtta be some kinda prize they could win,
For making great HONEY from Large-Leaf Lupine.

There's Arrowhead, Wapato, and, yes, Fringecup,
Which will make you just want to gobble it up.

I can't list them all, I can't type any faster.
There's at least one that I know, or perhaps, two kinds of Aster.

Woodland Strawberries, Wood Sorrel, and Stream Violet
This HONEY is delicious, you really should try it.

If you purchase this HONEY, made from False Solomon's Seal
I'll quit making rhymes, is that a good deal?

We truly hope you enjoy our WILDFLOWER HONEY.