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White Sage  Honey

White Sage Flower

White Sage in Blossom, what's not for a bee to love?


Sorry, We're Temporarily Out of White Sage Honey.
WHITE SAGE HONEY is a darker amber colored HONEY, exceptionally sweet tasting  like candy!  The nectar of WHITE SAGE is exceptionally high in sugars.  If you like a richer more pronounced flavored  HONEY, this is the one for you.  Because of its high sugar content, WHITE SAGE HONEY is a perfect choice for making mead, a wine that has it roots in ancient Rome, Egypt, and medieval Europe. WHITE SAGE HONEY is excellent for eating....on those hotcakes or biscuits! Yummy, yummy! From our own hives; raw, pure, fresh and natural, this honey is a great addition to your own pantry or makes a wonderful gift.
1 Pound Jar $8.00 $7.15
2-10, 1 Pound Jars $8.00 each $13.60
1-5, 2 Pound Jars $15.00 each $13.60
1-3, 3 Pound Jugs $21.00 each $13.60
1-2, 6 Pound Jugs $40.00 each $13.60
24 lbs bucket $100.00
(+ $3 bucket deposit)
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