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1 Pound Jar $8.00 $7.15
2-10, 1 Pound Jars $8.00 each $13.60
1-5, 2 Pound Jars $15.00 each $13.60
1-3, 3 Pound Jugs $21.00 each $13.60
1-2, 6 Pound Jugs $40.00 each $13.60
24 lbs bucket $103.00 Pick up Only


Sorry, We're Temporarily Out of Lavender Honey.

LAVENDER HONEY is special.  Bees love LAVENDER, and so this HONEY is a labor of love.  This is a delicate HONEY which is one of our favorites and it is so delicious!  It is known to be a good companion to blue cheese; but we think we know of something even better: imagine rich chocolate, fresh cherries, perhaps some sliced almonds, and this delicious delicate honey with it's flowery aroma,  But if that's overkill, then you will love it with the good ol' standbys: adding this to your relaxing cup of tea, or drizzled on hot buttered biscuits! This is raw, pure and natural LAVENDER HONEY with no additives of any kind.  It comes directly from our own very happy bees.  You will love the taste! It makes a wonderful gift for that special person!