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8 Oz. Round Comb Honey

We have two kinds of COMB HONEY available: in round and in square. To the left you can see our 16 oz. HONEY COMB SQUARE, a full pound of fresh, pure, and natural HONEY COMB.  Delightful to eat.    Right from our bees directly to you! 
Below left you can see an example of our 8 oz HONEY COMB ROUND, a half pound of sweet and delicious summer memories, you will love the taste!  Both are produce from our own hives.  You can crush the comb with a butter knife and spread the HONEY on your warm toast, or you can just pop a piece of comb in your mouth and chew it separating the wax from the honey.  It's a wonderful experience!

Sorry, We're Temporarily Out of Honey Comb Squares.
1-10, 1 Pound Honey Comb Squares $14.00 each $13.60
1-2, 8 oz. Honey Comb Rounds $10.00 $7.15
3-10, 8 oz. Honey Comb Rounds $10.00 each $13.60