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BUCKWHEAT  produces very little pollen, but its little white blossoms are heavy with nectar.  Our bees love it and turn it  into a rich and robust, dark ambrosia we call our BUCKWHEAT HONEY.

BUCKWHEAT HONEY is one of the darkest.  Darker HONEYS are known to have higher ANTIOXIDANTS and richer MINERAL CONTENTS.  So this is our natural health nut HONEY.  All our HONEYS are raw and natural, we don't cook any of the goodness out of it.  Mixed with a little lemon, it makes a wonderful home brewed cough syrup that many believe is much better for you than over the counter remedies. 

BUCKWHEAT is not like regular wheat, it is not a cereal or grass, but it is a common crop.  It's dainty white blossom makes a surprisingly robust tasting BUCKWHEAT HONEY.  If you like the richness of molasses, or malted grains, you may be very pleasantly surprised by this delicacy.