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Yellowl Beeswax

This is known as the lighter or YELLOW BEESWAX. This is the original deal, the real thing, real BEESWAX has 1001 uses.  It works up nicely for making candles.  The home apothecary will use it in cosmetics, salves and lotions, and soap.  It's wonderful in crafts and arts, it works well in Batik Art, Silk Screening, or even as the wax resists for Ukrainian Eggs.  In the wood shop you can use BEESWAX for protecting wooden tools or to lubricate cutting blades.  Hunters and hikers can use it to water proof their leather boots.  BEESWAX is great for decorating and these two blocks make wonderful gifts.  This BEESWAX is made from our own hives, it is pure and natural, and with NO additives of any kind.  It is very clean as we double filter it, and it's ready to be used in that next project.

1-16, 1 oz.Block of Yellow Beeswax $2.00 each $7.15
1 Pound Block of Yellow Beeswax $10.00 $7.15
2-10, 1 Pound Blocks of Yellow $10.00 each $13.60