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Baby's Breath Honey Bee Dancing Honey Bee Dancing

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Sorry, We're Temporarily Out of Baby's Breath Honey.
Our Oregon Willamette Valley is one of the seed capitals of the world, the valley is renowned for its diversity of seeds, produce, and flora. Another of the plants grown commercially here in the valley is the Baby's Breath flower. Anyone who has walked into a flower shop on Valentine's Day, looking for that something special for that someone special, is familiar with Baby's Breath. If you look closely, Baby's Breath is that small delicate white blossom that is used to fill and accent bouquets and flower arrangements.

Several of our local farmers contacted us in years past and asked to use our bees to pollinate their crops of Baby's Breath plants. We didn't know quite what to expect, but the results were a unique and wonderful surprise that has resulted in a satisfying relationship ever since. BABY'S BREATH HONEY is a rich amber colored sweet tasting HONEY. It is an especially delicious breakfast HONEY that is wonderful on hotcakes and biscuits.

The bees seem truly appreciative of this relationship as well. They just love the small white blossoms of the Baby's Breath. They love them so much that they go back to the beehive and do a dance... Well, I exaggerate somewhat, bees always do a little dance when they return to the hive from their foraging, but it seems especially cheerful when returning from the Baby's Breath fields. The dance is their way of communicating to the other bees the location and how far this luscious nectar is from the beehive. This little dance is done with the other bees gathered around!

The dancing bee swirls in circles and figure "8" patterns, surrounded by its attentive audiance, pausing frequently to vibrate its body while moving in a straight line. She vibrates with such enthusiasum, you can see from the pictures that it's difficult for the camera to clearly freeze and capture their action. If you've ever been lucky enough to have seen this dance you have witnessed the bees talking to each other! Amazing little creatures!

Our BABY'S BREATH HONEY, as all of our HONEYS are, is fresh, natural, and pure, and is produced from our own hives. We hope you enjoy this unique bit of serendipty at your table.